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Currently the Bureau of Indian Affairs Office of Federal Acknowledgement is working on a decision regarding re-affirmation of the Grand River Bands of Ottawa Indians and restoring government to government relations to our pre-IRA (Indian Reorganization Act) status. In a letter from the BIA they said that a decision will be reached on or before September 30, 2015. When their review of GRBOI's submitted paperwork is complete their findings will be posted, by law, in the Federal Register which is "The Daily Journal of the United States Government". Upon re-affirmation when Federal Recognition is restored, this site, along with and will be turned over to our Officially Elected inaugural government to disseminate information on behalf of our people.

Unfortunately at this time I will no longer be able to continue with this site, which has been in operation since the Summer of 2001, and I would like to thank you for your support. I look forward to seeing all our Citizens when it is time for us to have a Constitutional Convention to enact the laws and regulations which will govern our people for generations to come.


Chimiigwetch Wiijiiwaaganag


Ossokeh Ahninii aka Scott Wyzlic

Citizen GRBOI


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UPDATE 10.22.2016:

The GRBOI annual meeting was held at the new GRBOI building located at 1316 Front Ave. in Grand Rapids on Saturday afternoon. Chairman Yob announced that he is expecting Notice of the BIA/OFA's Determination on Monday October 24th as per their last communication.

UPDATE 4.24.2016:

Again the Bureau of Indian Affairs has sent a letter informing the tribe of another time extension. The current extension will remain in effect until October of 2016.

The Grand River Bands of Ottawa Indians have moved into a newly acquired tribally owned property, the new address is:

Grand River Bands of Ottawa Indians

1316 Front Ave.

PO Box 2937

Grand Rapids, MI 49501-2937